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Note for macOS users: if you're using macOS 10.14(Mojave) or newer, please use the according version. The macOS 10.13 build is buggy on 10.14 or newer.

New changes in 1.2.2: (2020-06-25)

  • General improvements

    • Stop filtering out valid characters from file name while exporting tracks (#5282)

    • Fix Invalid warning about "dummy-MIDI-client" (#5509)

  • UI improvements

    • Note selection: Editing values works in dialog (#5438)

  • Bug Fixes

    • Piano Roll - Fix retrigger with vol/pan sliders (#5271)

    • Fix a rare crash on export (#5293)

    • Fix LMMS not launching when AppImage has spaces in name (#5297)

    • Fix vertical piano being unresponsive when clicked too fast (#5262)

    • Fix crash with Grooove VST (#5300)

    • Fix crash on deleting instrument with controller connections on knobs (#5306)

    • Fix notes being placed at negative positions on MIDI import (#5343)

    • Fix scrolling direction in the song editor due to stuck Ctrl/Shift (#5286)

    • Fix stuck notes with Helm VST on tempo automation (#5365)

    • Fix file factory delimeter position (#5378)

    • Fix a muted demo project "Greippi - Krem Kaakkuja (Second Flight Remix)" (aeac24c)

    • Fix controls linking misbehaviors (#5336)

    • Fix loading and saving of .fxb/.fxp files on Windows (#5411)

    • Fix crashes and hangs on importing some Hydrogen drum kit songs (#5420)

    • Fix freeze when replacing Mallets with another instrument (#5428)

    • DrumSynth: ensure correct envelope length in any sample rate (#5467)

    • AFP: fix loading start and loop points if the loop point is automated (#5472)

    • Select the correct piano key for marking semitones (#5478)

    • Ensure consistent use of effect gate (#5475)

    • Fix Piano roll crashing when window is vertically scaled too large (#5449)

    • Fix some memory errors with JACK audio/MIDI (#5452)

    • JackMidi: Remove confusing warnings at shutdown (737fcd3)

    • Fix SF2 player crashing when file is not a soundfont, with FluidSynth 2 (#5487)

    • BB editor: fix mouse event affecting wrong beats due to the cursor shape (#5489)

    • Fix knobs moving too fast on some platforms (#5360)

    • Fix notes created in BB editor resizing incorrectly when resizing a selection (#5515)

    • Fix some patterns not being saved in project (#5537)

  • Localization

Known issues with this release:

  • Windows

    • Software fails to load on some systems (Please see bug #1173, #512)

    • No sound/distorted sound on some systems (Forum topics #604 #283)

  • Apple

    • VST plugins (.dll) do not work on Apple (Please see bug #698)

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