4.5 Using MIDI

4.5.1 MIDI Settings

MIDI settings

You can find the MIDI settings in the Settings window.

ALSA-Sequencer is the recommended setting for Linux. WinMM MIDI is the default setting for Windows. Modify the default settings only if necessary.

4.5.2 Quick MIDI Setup

MIDI quick select

This is a quick way of connecting your Instrument to a MIDI device. For more advanced settings go to the MIDI tab.

4.5.3 The MIDI Tab

Plugins MIDI

The MIDI tab in the Instrument Editor has some more advanced options.

You can read on how to connect a MIDI device to an instrument in the MIDI tab section.

To connect to a knob, right-click on it, select "Connect to controller", make sure MIDI controller and Auto Detect are lit up, then just move the mod wheel on your MIDI device.