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6.11 Peak Controller

Peak Controller
This plugin allows you to take the waveform of a signal and use it as a controller.


  • BASE: adjusts the starting point of the resulting controller's signals.
  • AMNT: adjusts the amount in which the amplitude of the input signal affects the controller's output (Note that this can be negative).
  • MULT: adjusts the number that AMNT is multiplied by.
  • ATCK: adjusts the time taken for the signal to reach its peak
  • DCAY: adjusts the time taken for the signal to return to its baseline.
  • TRSH: adjusts the amplitude threshold of the controller. (In other words, how "loud" the signal needs to be to trigger the controller.


  • Absolute Value: toggles taking the absolute value of the input waveform.
  • Mute: toggles muting of the output.