6.7 Dynamics Processor

Dynamics Processor

Dynamic Processor allows modification of the signal dynamics in a flexible way. It can be used as a compressor, a gate, an expander, or for any other dynamics modifications.

The curve represents the dynamic range in a linear scale of 0-1 amplitude. The X axis (horizontal) represents the peak level of input, while the Y axis (vertical) represents the target level.

The level of the signal is measured as peak levels. The attack and decay knobs control the peak meter, i.e. how quickly the peak level rises and falls. These controls are analogous to those of a compressor.

Input and output control the level of gain applied to the signal pre- and post-processing.

There are three modes of peak detection: maximum, average and unlinked.

  • Maximum: measures peaks as the maximum peak level between the left and right channel

  • Average: measures the average between left and right peak levels

  • Unlinked: measures and processes each channel separately with their own peak levels, but applies the same dynamics curve and pre/post-amplification on both

The buttons can be used to modify the curve.

Hold shift to draw straight lines in the graph. Shift+click the start point, the Shift+click at the end point, and a straight line will be drawn between them.