6.7 Dynamics Processor
Dynamics Processor
Dynamic Processor allows modification of signal dynamics, including compression, gating, expanding, or any other dynamics modifications. This plugin is very similar to Waveshaper.

X/Y Graph

  • Curve: represents dynamic range in a linear scale of 0-1 amplitude.
  • X axis: represents the peak level of input.
  • Y axis: represents target level of output.
The Graph shows exact sample values rather than dbFS, making it appear non-linear. Also note that a line of x=y will not alter the signal.

Graph Editing

  • Left Click draws lines following the cursor.
  • Shift + Left Click draws a straight line between the current and last point.
  • +/- 1dB: shifts graph line along the Y axis.
  • SMOOTH: smooths graph via cubic interpolation.
  • RESET: nukes graph and reverts it to default x=y function.


  • INPUT: adjusts level of input gain.
  • OUTPUT: adjusts level of output gain.
  • ATTACK: adjusts how quickly the peak level rises.
  • RELEASE: adjusts how quickly the peak level falls.
These controls are analogous to those of a compressor.

Peak Detection

The level of the signal is measured in peak levels, there are three modes of peak detection:
  • MAXIMUM: measures the maximum amplitude between the left and right channel.
  • AVERAGE: measures the average amplitude between the left and right channels.
  • UNLINKED: separately measures amplitude between the left and right channels. (The same dynamics curve and pre/post amplification is applied to both channels)
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X/Y Graph
Graph Editing
Peak Detection