7.7 Music Making Resources

​All8's BeatFinder is a tool for BPM finding.

​Scales&Chords is a tool for scale finding, chord progressions and more.

​Attack Magazine contains beat making drum patterns dissected, explained and shown as sequencer patterns.

​HowToMakeElectronicMusic is a website with tutorials, music production tips and reviews. They are often based on FL Studio, but you can use them with LMMS too.

​BedRoomProducersBlog too contains tutorials and reviews, and also some news about discounts on commercial products.

​Audacity is a great multiplatform program for recording and editing audio.

​SFXR has been ported to LMMS, but here you can use the full version. You may also like the web based port.

​Compedium of all possible scales analyzed mathematically.